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Comment by Kris Rampersad on February 28, 2013 at 11:28am

Hi Will,

Thanks for the feedback ... will try to do more of these. Yes, Prof Creighton did a thorough review and his comments are much appreciated though I think we may have fodder for a debate on 'regionalsim and nationalism" in writers' identities as we did have some banter on this at event ... Would love to hear your 'backstory' re the mainland - as you have probably gathered quite facinated myself by geographically related claims of identity, including political thinking on such ... wecan discuss by email if you wish,

Thanks for thoughts on the blog Demokrissy - a portal to the hodgepodge of some of my variousi interests and thoughts and writings...

Cheers, Kris

Comment by Will Gentieu on February 26, 2013 at 3:37pm

Thank you for this Kris. I know that making even a relatively straightforward video like this is work, editing, titling etc., so I appreciated the effort, and of course, though it is meta, still it does give one a good sense of what the book is about, the depth and breadth of it... He certainly doesn't pull any punches (haha!). 


About Guyana, I remember the first time I saw a Venezuelan map of the region including Guyana which was represented for emphasis, rather dramatically I thought, with horizontal stripes, much like a necktie, and boldly labled "zona en reclamación!" (area being reclaimed) across the entire country (not just up to the Essequibo). A fascinating backstory there, one which would make for an interesting discussion, and the subject of which I've only been able to do a little research so far (of diplomats deathbed revelations etc.) Much intrigue.

It would only make sense that such an event... geographical dispute... mystery... polemic etc., would have entered the literature and poetry of the parties/languages/peoples/political entities involved, in one way or another. Anyway, all this I mention with the necessary humility, curiosity, relative ignorance and nonpartisanship of an obvious outsider.    


Website "Demokrissy" is interesting too. Lots to read. ¡Saludos desde Venezuela! ~



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