Papa was handsome, black an strong

Him never tolerate wen wi do wat wrong

Him no spare di rod nor spoil di chile

Wen wi form fool, him tempa bwile.


All a wi fraid a Papa so till!

One look from him gi wi di chill

Him  beat we without mercy

For him felt it was him duty.


If yu need a good story tella

Jus go an search fi Papa

Yu never tired fi hear him story

Whether a fairy tale, mystery or history.


Papa feel sey wa no kill fatten

But dat no include anyting rotten

Him wi eat anyting yu put before him

Him sey fi waste food was a sin.


Papa was a very hard worker

An him was a very big farmer

From dawn till dusk him toil on di farm

An him favourite crop was peas an corn.


Papa head use to go an come

An wen him head go him jus run an run

Wi as pickney glad fi si him pack

But Mama no stap fret till him come back.


Wen Papa was fifty odd, Mama dead

An di blow of har death go to him head

Afta dat him was never di same

An di res a him life was heart ache an pain.


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Comment by Patricia Cynthia Whittle on June 12, 2014 at 4:17am

A father is usually more pleased to have his child look like him than act like him (14,000 Quips & Quotes)

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